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(In the Greater Rochester area - Monroe, Genesee, Livingston, Ontario, Orleans, Seneca, Yates, Wyoming and Wayne counties)

This figure is used as a basis for determining dues and enables us to ensure fairness and consistency in our calculations. RBA dues formula equates two part-time employees to one full-time employee.

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As a Rochester Business Alliance (RBA) member, your organization may be eligible to participate in wage, salary, and employee benefit surveys and can take advantage of customized programs and services conducted by the RBA. Data submitted by members to the RBA is strictly confidential.

In an effort to communicate effectively, the RBA will periodically mail, fax, or e-mail information to specific employees of our member organizations. In this application, you have designated those individuals that should receive information about programs, services, or networking opportunities. Please notify these individuals that they may receive mailings, faxes, or e-mails from the RBA.

As a benefit of RBA membership, you may participate in the exchange of business information and receive assistance from our staff. All RBA information and assistance is intended for internal use within your organization only. RBA data and materials may not be resold, disseminated, or used as part of any external consulting or marketing activities without the express written permission of the RBA.

Your Membership Commitment
We, apply for membership in the RBA, a not for profit employer’s association, and will pay membership dues for its support as set forth. Our membership may be cancelled at any time upon written notice to the RBA, or by action of the RBA’s Board of Directors. We agree that we will honor all obligations incurred prior to canceling our membership. We understand that the RBA reserves the right to deny or cancel membership, without prior written notice, of any organization whose goals and purposes are in conflict with the interests of the RBA or its subsidiaries. By joining the RBA our organization agrees to support RBA programs and to make an annual membership investment at the rate established each year the the RBA Board of Directors. Annual dues are payable in advance and are not refundable, even in the event of resignation. Members more than three (3) months in arrears are considered deliquent.

Your Membership Agreement
By submitting this application, you, as an authorized representative of your organization, agree to keep all information acquired through your RBA membership, including directories and survey information, confidential. You agree that you and your business will not use RBA directories for direct marketing purposes. You agree that you and your business will not, at any time after the date hereof, disclose or provide to any person, corporation, partnership or other entity whatsoever, any of the information contained in the wage, salary, and employee benefit surveys or the information the RBA provides concerning them. If you must disclose the information to an independent contractor for business-related reasons, you will first notify the RBA and secure an agreement from the contractor to follow these confidentiality provisions, before disclosing the information. If your membership is dropped, you will return all copies of the RBA materials in your possession.

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